Amazfit GTS SmartWatch User Review & Ultimate Guide – Specification, Features

Today we have one more SmartWatch which also resembled an Apple watch yes we are talking about the Amazfit GTS Smart Watch. It was launched recently in India for rupees 9999 and in the last couple of months we have seen two smartwatches from Amazfit first was a GTR and now the GTSZ.

So let’s begin with the Review of the Amazfit GTS.


On the top, we have the picture of the watch and it is the watch model GTS and then here we have some features such as

  1. Emulate display
  2. Water Resistance distance up to 50 meters
  3. Built-in GPS
  4. Long 14 days battery
  5. Multi-sport tracking
  6. It’s lightweight
  7. The MRP of the SmartWatch is 9999 INR

Unboxing the Smartwatch

The content so inside this box, we have another white box, and then here is a Smartwatch itself, and as usual, we have this tagline move beautifully written here. the watch is not on right now and it is just a sticker. my first impression about this Smartwatch is that it’s actually very lightweight we will look at the watch in a moment let’s see what else we have here. so we get the user guide and this is the charging cable.

The charging cable is magnetic and here is how you connect it at the back of the watch so let’s all we have in the box.

Now let’s look at the watch closely Amazfit GTS looks like a square model of the GTR series. this smartphone looks and feels premium talking about the screen first we have the gorilla glass 3 protected 1.65 inches emulate curved display which has the NT fingerprint coating on it as well.

Amazfit GTS SmartWatch

The pixel density of the screen is 341 PPI and as mentioned earlier we get the 2.5 D curve Gorilla Glass on this watch.

Overview of the Amazfit GTS Smartwatch

Now talking about the overview of this watch in the Amazfit GTS you have the gesture controls and apart from that we have this one crown button by which you can wake up or turn off the screen or go back to the previous menu

At the back of the SmartWatch, we have this matte look and feel and here we have the charging pins and also the heart rate sensor the strap of this watch is made up of TPU, and the material used in this strap feels pretty good I have used a SmartWatch for few days and I can tell you that because of the strap and how light this watch is it was really comfortable for me to wear it the whole day without any issue and yes you can remove the straps and change it if you wish to give the SmartWatch a different look.

Design and Comfort of the Smartwatch

Overall in terms of design and looks full marks for this watch even though the design looks like it’s inspired by the Apple Watch 5 but it still has its own identity and it definitely feels premium in the hand

Now let’s run on the watch and show you the features meanwhile it’s starting on let me tell you some more technical details the Amazfit GTS has Bluetooth 5.0 support it’s 5 ATM water-resistant and you get the inbuilt GPS and GLONASS support for workout activities

The first thing which I immediately notice was that the screen output is really amazing the display of this watch is really good and the best part is that the viewing angles are ultra nice

By default you have to watch faces on this watch which offers customization as well you can customize the elements according to your choice.

Navigation and Menu of the Smartwatch

Apart from that you can also choose different watch faces from the companion app in terms of navigation, it’s all gesture based, and swiping down from the top will open the quick settings and if you swipe right or left you to have a quick glance at your heart rate and the current day step counts

To access the main menu you would need to just swipe up from the bottom

Now talking about the menu here you have the status which shows you the current day Fitness data and then you have the heart rate

This Smart Watch supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring and during our testing we found the data to be pretty accurate

then you have the workout menu and here you have 14 different workout options as this watch has GPS support so here on the top you can see the remaining battery and the time available in the workout mode I have used this wall for a couple of days while working out and the data was very similar to what I usually see with the Amazfit GTS.

Amazfit GTS SmartWatch

The Amazfit GTS Companion App

Now coming back to the menu after the workout we have the activities which show you your fitness workout activity starts and then we have the weather menu which shows detailed information including the weather forecast

Then in the menu, we have the music control and also the notification which will show you the notification you have received on the SmartWatch after that, we have the alarm even reminders, and more menu, in the more menu you have the compass which also shows you the pressure and the altitude of your current location

And then we have the timer countdown and also they find my option and talk about defining my option here it how it brings your phone

In the settings of this watch, we have the option of watch faces which will show you the default to watching faces, and also in either watch face which you have synced from the app

Then we have the auto screen off-time option press and hold the crown button option which allows you to choose an activity when you press and hold the ground button

After that, you have the always-on display option yes this Smart Watch supports analog and digital always-on display but with this function, you will get the less battery backup 

So that’s all the options we have on the SmartWatch now let me show you the app, so there is the companion app Amazfit GTS on the homepage you have the current day’s data which includes your step count sleep data and heart rate you can also start your workout session from the app as well

Talking about the settings on the top you will see the remaining battery of your SmartWatch and then below it we have different options in these settings you can change the watch faces now talking more about the watch faces there are a lot of options available in this SmartWatch. now coming back to the settings you can turn on the alert for calls and messages so here is the call alert in this SmartWatch you just get the vibration you can’t talk with this watch and like the Amazfit GTS.

Call and Message Alerts on the Smartwatch

Here you have two options silence a call or disconnect now let me show you the message notification so this is the notification of a WhatsApp message, unfortunately, you can’t reply or send any preset reply message.

so overall a mess with DTS is a stylish premium-looking SmartWatch I really like the design and how comfortable this watch.

The weight of this watch is just 25 grams without this strap and it really feels lightweight.

the display of the SmartWatch is amazing and maybe the best display I have tested so far in this price range the new mode faces and customization option is also plus point which will give you a lot of customization option according to your choice apart from that company claims that this SmartWatch will give you 14 days of battery backup with the moderate usage and up to 46 days of battery backup in the basic watch mode which is pretty impressive.

In terms of data I have used it for some time and I find the data pretty accurate sleep data and also the continuous heart rate data were pretty accurate though I noticed on the watch face it was not able to capture the heart rate data in some occasion and there were a few dips in the graph nonetheless under rupees 10000 I find this watch value for money and if you’re looking for a premium elegant SmartWatch which also acts as a fitness tracker then definitely check it out.

Now talking about the thing which I didn’t like about a Smartwatch and I feel it could be improved is the menu.

there is no doubt that a screen performance and output is good but there is this lag and started in the menu and it’s not as smooth as some other smartwatches I have tested apart from that everything else is good and we highly recommend this SmartWatch and as usual if you like it and want to buy one.

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So that’s it guys this was the overview of the Amazfit GTS SmartWatch.

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