Best 5 Budget SmartWatch 2021 in India Under 10000 Buying Guide, User Review & Comparison

Best Budget SmartWatch 2020 in India Buying Guide, User Review & Comparison

Finding the best Smartwatch can be a pain, there are so many options on the market and you don’t know which will be the best for you and your needs.

Well in this blog we break down the top 5 Smartwatches on the market this year based on price versus performance and situations they will be used in we’ll be taking a look at products in every budget range so regardless of whether you’ve got a few bucks to spare and want the best value or looking for the best of the best we’ll have an option for you

So if you’re interested in finding out which Smartwatch will be the best for you stay tuned

Best Budget SmartWatch 2021 in India

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Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch

Fitbit ionic GPS Smartwatch


Ticwatch E - Best Budget Smartwatch

Ticwatch E Smartwatch


Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch

Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch



Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch



Apple watch series 3



Fitbit ionic GPS Smartwatch Review and Specification

Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart Watch

  1. Fitbit ionic GPS Smartwatch our choice for the best sports Smartwatch
  2. A sleek yet sturdy design of this Smartwatch is there to dazzle you for sure luckily it is an all design and no essence
  3. Fitbit ionic is the best sports Smartwatch we have ever seen
  4. It’s specifically designed with an active lifestyle in mind with a battery that lasts more than 4 days this waterproof watch can handle an active lifestyle
  5. This powerful accessory offers dynamic personal coaching with on-screen guidance for your every move
  6. It also allows you to store and play over 300 songs right there on your wrist you can create your own playlist or access Pandora stations either way it’s a lot easier to exercise with your favorite beat
  7. for those who love hiking or taking along adventurous bicycle rides a built-in GPS is a must that’s why ionic has GPS with GL on SS that allows you to see distance pace and other relevant statistics on the display while simultaneously recording split times the map of your route and elevation climbed
  8. If you want to track your condition while working out this Fitbit ionic GPS Smartwatch also has a heart rate sensor
  9. fit bits pure pulse can help track calorie burn optimize workout intensity and measure fitness and health over time
  10. Multi-sport and smart track options you to choose a sport mode that you need
  11. you can track how long you’ve been exercising and how many calories you have burned while swimming running or biking, on the one hand, this SmartWatch is really amazing next to all the Fitness features we’ve mentioned it also offers different clock faces a replaceable band with a clasp smartphone app notifications, call, text and calendar alerts
  12. It is also compatible with any device you can think of from Windows Vista and Macs to iPhones Android devices and Windows Mobile devices, on the other hand, it does have certain flaws


Ticwatch E Smartwatch Review and Specification

Ticwatch E - Best Budget Smartwatch

  1. Ticwatch E our choice for the best budget Smart Watch
  2. Ticwatch E is packed with useful options and features to an almost surprising level
  3. It is compatible with both Android and iOS so as long as you don’t have a Windows Phone you can use it
  4. unlike many other smartwatches on the market tick watch took a page from the Apple book and gave its wearable tech and assistant that’s right this little guy comes with a Google assistant you can get your answers and get things done even if your hands are busy responding to texts call people or ask for directions Google assistant is there to help since
  5. It has access to 1000 of Android wear apps you can download your favorite applications and watch faces with a simple tap on the screen
  6. This Ticwatch E also has GPS and heart rate tracking which means that you can follow where you are and your fitness at any given moment
  7. You can get coaching measure your heart rate and even stream music from your wrist
  8. when it comes to the screen it is a 1.4 inch LED touch screen that does offer lovely sharpness and colors but isn’t really outstanding
  9. However, if you consider the price and the other features you’ll definitely be able to overlook this minor issue
  10. On the one hand, you will love using the SmartWatch it offers fantastic value it has a built-in GPS, heart rate sensor its battery life is far better than we expected and it’s even water-resistant
  11. On the other hand, even the best smartwatches have some flaws the best budget SmartWatch is no exception the display is mediocre at best the factory strap isn’t high quality and the overall design isn’t perfect for everyone
  12. If you’re interested in updated pricing or going more in-depth on some features of any of the items mentioned in this Blog be sure to check out the links

Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch Review and Specification

Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch

  1. Huawei Watch 2 our choice for the best value per dollar SmartWatch
  2. If you want something powerful and stylish on your wrist this Huawei model will definitely be a top choice
  3. If you’re looking for an amazing design that will catch people’s eyes this model is definitely it with 768 MB of RAM 4 GB of local storage and a bunch of sensors for various applications available this is definitely the best value per dollar SmartWatch we have seen so far
  4. When it comes to connectivity this Huawei watch can use 4G or Wi-Fi to connect to the internet
  5. It uses GPS to determine its location and it has Bluetooth you can use it with either Android or iOS
  6. this Huawei model offers smart notifications, all-day activity monitoring, step and distance counter, calorie counter, interchangeable bands, multi-sport tracking and analysis the ability to play music and an NFC payment feature
  7. It is dust and waterproof which means it can handle some rough conditions a bit of rain or even a spill
  8. However, we wouldn’t recommend going for a swim or even showering with it powered by a lithium-ion battery it can last about a day and a half between charges however if you use it just as a watch it can last a lot more
  9. On the one hand, this SmartWatch has some strong positive sides Android wear 2.0 is a huge improvement you get a 25-day battery life out of the watch mode there are tons of compatible applications to choose from and it comes with built-in Wi-Fi, GPS heart rate monitor, and NFC for Android pay
  10. On the other hand, it does have some flaws that might stop you from buying it the fitness sensors do have some bugs which caused them to occasionally record inaccurate data some people have experienced problems while using it with iOS the display is rather small and the band could be of better quality

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Review and Specification


  1. Samsung Galaxy watch our choice for the best overall SmartWatch
  2. The 1.2 inch OLED display is amazing
  3. The dual-core 1.15 gigahertz processor keeps it fast while the Corning Gorilla Glass DX plus keeps it safe
  4. It is swim-ready for up to 50 meters scratch-resistant and compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones
  5. It offers smart notifications customizable watch faces Samsung health fitness tracking built-in GPS speakers and microphone as well as the Samsung pay feature
  6. Whether your phone is there or not this SmartWatch can handle the load for those among you who value the fitness tracking over everything else this watch will not disappoint
  7. It automatically tracks chosen workouts it monitors your heart rate and it detects when you switch activities
  8. It also keeps track of your steps so you know just how active you have been during the day and it even tracks your sleep cycle so you know if you’re getting enough rest during the night
  9. On the one hand, this SmartWatch is really amazing
  10. It has a vibrant crisp OLED display a rather long battery life great Fitness features Samsung pay support and it is comfortable to wear
  11. On the other hand, it does have some flaws that might change your mind and make you decide to go for a different SmartWatch from our list Bixby or s voice is dreadful there are a few apps for Tizen and the internal storage is rather small


Apple watch series 3 Review and Specification


  1. Apple watch series 3 our choice for the best Apple SmartWatch
  2. There’s a reason why smart devices that come from Apple are among the most popular in the world
  3. the sleek trendy design paired with interesting colors and materials really make this watch feel like a premium product not to mention that it looks amazing on the wrist when it comes to compatibility in order to use this properly you need an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or later
  4. Apple watch and I phone service provider have to be the same in order for the pair to work when it comes to connectivity
  5. This Apple SmartWatch offers wireless and 4G internet connection as well as the NFC Apple pay feature
  6. This is the best apple SmartWatch we’ve seen so far and it is water-resistant up to 50 meters
  7. It has an LTE modem and amazing 1000 nit’s OLED screen a heart rate monitor, GPS, and an altimeter
  8. It also receives all notifications from your iPhone and displays them so you won’t miss anything even if you’re going for a swim
  9. When it comes to the strap it’s made of high-quality material and you can change it whenever it suits you as there are literally dozens of models available online so you can choose whether you want a buckle or a clasp
  10. Basically this model has anything you might want a SmartWatch to have and a bit over the top to sweeten the deal
  11. On the one hand, this SmartWatch has some serious advantages an outstanding battery life a wonderfully responsive clear and bright screen Apple pay is a super useful feature and amazingly versatile Fitness features
  12. on the other hand, it does come with small disadvantages as well it is only compatible with iPhones so if you own an Android or a Windows device you can forget about this one Siri is still rather patchy on this device and the price is over the top for a 4G model


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