Best Budget Fitness Trackers 2023 || Best Smart Fitness Trackers Under RS 2000 In 2023

Hey Guys, On This Blog We Discourse About My Pick For The Best Budget Fitness Tracker. These Here With Me Are The Best Value For Money Fitness Tracking Options That You Can Buy Right Now. I Have Tested Extensively Since The Start Of This Lockdown Back In March And Believe Me This Lockdown Has Made Me Realize How Negligent We Are Towards Our Health. These Budget Fitness Tracking Options Could Certainly Help Us Get Back In Track So Without Any Further. Let’s Get Started.

  • Realme Band
  • Honor Band 5i
  • Honor Band 5
  • Mi Band 5

Best Budget Fitness Trackers 2023

Realme Band
Honor Band 5i
Honor Band 5
Mi Band 5

Realme Band

  • Realme band as you can see has an incredibly minimalistic design and these gentle curves on the sides.
  • Realme band is also made using eco-friendly polymer material and has a lightweight build also it is comfortable to wear although I found this TPU strap to be extremely cheap and plasticky.
  • Realme band connects via Bluetooth 4.2 but the bummer here is that this one does not work on ios devices though it works almost seamlessly on your Android smartphone.
  • The display here is pretty basic so you might find the colors and visibility to be a little underwhelming.
  • For one had a hard time figuring out the screen’s content outdoors due to low brightness.
  • The text graphics and animations on the screen look pixelated also the way the text is arranged on the screen when looking at a notification for instance looks uneasy to read however it nails the basics for fitness tracking.

Best Budget Fitness Trackers
  • Here you get 24-hour heart rate monitoring with PPG optical heart rate sensor
  • It can also track your sleep and the step count works fine too although it is slightly overcompensated.
  • Likewise, there are a lot of manual tracking modes like running walking riding a bike hiking, etc.
  • The race to wake function here works really well and you can receive notifications from calls and other apps on the phone in terms of watch faces the Realme band for the longest time was only limited to five options but just recently really pushed an update on the realme link app with about 12 more options to choose from similarly the single touch button navigation feels a little outdated and the display does not support swipe gestures.
  • Battery wise I got around 7 to 10 days of endurance with the heart rate monitoring turned on so that is pretty decent if you ask me but the best thing about the Realme band is that you can charge it and avoid the hassle of a separate charger.

Honor Band 5i

  • Honor band 5i which is one of the cheapest fitness trackers from honor design-wise is slightly bulkier than the real me band but its silicon strap is softer and more comfortable to wear.
  • I found its display quality to be slightly better than the Realme band, especially in terms of colors.
  • It is colorful brighter and supports swipe input as well.
  • There’s also a dedicated capacitive home button for navigation which I would have liked if it doubled as a back button too but that’s not the case.
  • Here in the honor band 5i the animation is also way better and the fluid transitions throughout its UI are probably the best in this price segment.
  • It supports call messages and app notifications and you can get idle notifications as well.
  • There are more than 60 watch faces to choose from but unfortunately, you cannot customize it.
  • For fitness tracking, it has a ppg optical heart rate sensor for 24-hour heart rate monitoring and you also get a spo2 sensor to monitor your blood oxygen level.
  • Just like the real me band, it has a USB connection for charging as well but honors implementation is much much better.

Honor Band 5

  • The honor band 5 which is a slightly expensive version of the regular honor band 5i here as you can see its design is almost identical to that of the honor band 5i.
  • The major major difference between these two is basically the display.
  • While the 5i has an IPS panel you’re getting a gorgeous AMOLED panel on the honor band 5.
  • The resolution here is also bumped up so text image animations etc look incredibly sharp.
  • You also get to choose over 150 watch faces from the Huawei health app and personally, I’m quite fond of the available options as most of them are really cool and artistic moreover you can apply custom watch faces from third-party sources too.
  • Moving on its heart rate monitoring is also quite accurate and the company even compares its heart rate monitoring to the polar h10 professional heart rate monitor.
  • For charging you don’t find a USB-type charging mechanism like the 5i instead you get a proprietary 2-pin adapter.

Mi Band 5

  • The mi band 5 with me which is Xiaomi’s latest and greatest fitness band.
  • It has the largest display compared to the others on this list but honestly, the difference is pretty negligible like last year’s mi band 4 you get an AMOLED panel with fantastic colors and brightness.
  • Mi band 5 also brings over 100 watch faces and you can customize them with your own image as well also you can download and apply custom watch faces.
  • However, compared to the honor band 5 and 5i the animations and screen transitions on the mi band 5 are comparatively slower.
  • I don’t know if this is that big of a deal but when switching between screens you can visibly differentiate how the mi band 5 is a little laggy notification on the other hand work like a charm and the vibration motor here is great too.
  • Compared to the Mi Band 4 Xiaomi says this has 50 increased heart rate monitoring accuracy I did compare it with the Mi Band 4 and the results were more consistent on MI Bband 5.
  • Additionally, the mi band 5 here also comes with women’s health monitoring features which lets you record menstrual cycle and ovulation phases by the way this feature is not available in any of these fitness bands except for this one.
  • For connectivity, you get Bluetooth 5.0 which has a better range than the Bluetooth 4.2 that is present on the other fitness trackers on my list likewise the battery life is also really good here and the endurance is almost similar to that of the honor bands.
  • Thankfully unlike previous versions of me bands you now don’t need to take out the band to charge it as it has this new proprietary 2 pins magnetic charging even with all this I found the mi band 5 to just be an incremental upgrade over the mi band 4.
  • So if you don’t want additional features such as stress monitoring women’s health tracking breathing exercises and a couple of extra sport modes I think you should get me band 4 and save some extra money.

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